I wasn’t able to do anything with my novel yesterday, other things having taken up all my time – maybe (hopefully) something I’ll be able to tell you about shortly.  However, on Friday and today I’ve been working on adding another 10,000 words to my word count and  …. yay I’ve done it.  I now have over 25,000 words so, I’m officially, half-way there.

In reality, of course, I’m nowhere near half-way there.  50,000 words does not a novel make, whether or not those words are all little gems  (and they’re definitely not in my case).  A full-length novel will require at least 70,000 and possibly 80,000 words, each and every one of them totally necessary.  There must not be any superfluous words, no fillers, no stretching out of a point already made.  Each word has a role to play, a task to perform.  Some (perhaps far too many) of my words are merely reserving a space for the real word to come along, a lot of the sentences merely holding other parts of the novel together with sticky tape rather than bricks and mortar.  The real writing will come after the draft has moved outside of my head and out into the open … there to stare accusingly at me, demanding that I remove the verbiage and do the job properly.    I can’t wait 🙂

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve found that the story is taking on its own direction, making me follow it rather than direct it.  I’d sort of guessed this might happen but its strange watching it happen as I’m writing it down.  I know I have to go back and change a few things because they now don’t make sense – they did when I wrote them.  I know the plot has moved slightly and I’m fine with that.  It’s much better now anyway.

I really wish I’d done this years ago.


7 thoughts on “Little gems and sticky tape

    1. I’m having to push myself this week Lynz. I’m well up on the word count because of last week’s enthusiasm but haven’t written as much this week. I hope to be able to put aside some good blocks of time this weekend – the weather looks particularly foul so I’m sure that’ll help 😳

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