I keep a notebook with me always now, so that I can write down ideas for poems, short stories, longer pieces of work, whenever ideas drop into my mind.  I know that I’ll forget them otherwise.  I looked at said notebook earlier today, whilst taking a break from NaNo, and found that I’ve written out three ideas for new stories within the past two weeks.   Trouble is I’ve no time to do anything with them.  All my writing efforts are going into drafting my first novel during November.  Thank goodness, though, I’ve written the essence of them down.  Whether or not they ever get any further is another matter, but at least they’re there for when I’m searching for ideas when ideas simply won’t talk to me.

I’m using today and tomorrow to make great inroads into my draft and am really pleased with what I’ve managed to pour out so far.  Over 21,000 words have (almost effortlessly) streamed through my fingertips so far this week, and I’m itching to keep going.  I can type much faster than I can write and I bless my typing tutor (of many, many years ago) for drumming this craft into me.  I’m hoping to pass the half-way mark by the end of tomorrow and have promised myself Sunday off if I manage it.  If I can keep this up then I know I’ll have the real full draft finished by the end of November, the real full draft being quite a bit longer than 50,000 words. But, that’s a few weeks away still, and anything can happen so … I’ll just keep writing whilst the muse is working 🙂

6 thoughts on “Obsession is a good thing – as long as it doesn’t become obsessive

  1. Congrats on your NanoWrimo challenge! I am pretty sure you will be able to reach your target. Thanks for some pointers in writing there. Just like you I type faster than I write because of too much typing I have to do for our term paper in a typewriter. lol 🙂 God bless on your writing!

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