Sorry for posting this but I had to shout out loud.  Reached my first big milestone on NaNo today  and I’m so chuffed.  I’m not going to claim that the story’s great but I can say that the words are flowing at the moment.  Having the major scenes already set up in Scrivener is helping a lot as minor scenes can be added in as I work.  It’s really helping me to keep on track and preventing me from going off in circles which lead to nowhere.  I hope I can keep up the pace and stick to the main plot as the weeks go past.  I’m setting aside Fridays for major writing days and Sundays for the whole day off.  What luxury 🙂   Monday through Thursday I allow a couple of hours a night and Saturday whatever I can after the usual round of housework, shopping etc.  That’s the plan – I’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out in the wash.


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