I love this image.  I came across it a couple of weeks ago when I was trawling through Pinterest (as I do of an evening).  The image makes me laugh, I hope it helps brighten your day too.

It prompted a little poem:

Ok,  I’m up a tree, so how did I end up here
I don’t remember climbing it, it  must have been all that beer
Problem is I can’t get down and the ground’s so far away
I’m holding tight for all my might as the darn thing’s starting to sway

I remember now I had a dream, a dream about a bird
He told me I could definitely fly, at least that’s what I heard
He said I could fly so I thought I’d try, and look where I’ve landed up
So far up this blessed tree I’m really, truly, stuck

Oh woe is me where are my mates, why aren’t they here to help
I want my mum, she’d work it out and then she’d have my pelt
I won’t do this again, I swear, I won’t mum that’s the truth
Just get me down from here before dad’s home and hits the roof

He won’t be pleased his only son’s got stuck atop this tree
He’ll view it as an embarrassment to him and mum from me
Hold on I see an audience, it’s heading straight my way
They’ve got a camera, they’re filming me, that’ll really make dad’s day

I’ll be on the telly, I’ll be famous, I’ll be fêted, loved, adored
My mum won’t know which way to look, my Dad, well he’ll be floored
His son’s a living legend ‘cos he’s done what others can’t
I think I’ll stay up in this tree, I won’t come down, I shan’t


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