After finishing my NaNoWriMo session tonight I decided to try to find a suitable image to represent the pub in my story, The Rose and Crown.  I relax by looking through Pinterest – yes I am a bit weird but it’s very therapeutic.  Anyway, tonight I found the image above.  I know it’s a tea room now, but it’s the very image of the Rose & Crown which I’ve had in my head for months now.  I’ll not be using the image as anything more than a prompt but I’m so pleased to have found it.

Now, if I can just fit some wailing ghosties into my story I’ll be rocking!!

If you’re also doing Nano I hope it’s going well for you.

11 thoughts on “I’ve found my pub!

  1. In addition to all your other activities, you’re writing a novel?!! Good for you, Ruth!

    The Rose and Crown…when we were in Waipu,NZ I visited an antique shop called “The Rose and Crown.” What do they symbolize in your story? Or are they national symbols? Keep up the good work!!

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    1. Hi Gina, we’ve lots of old pubs in England called the Rose and Crown. There are at least two explanations behind the naming of them, each of them dating back to the Wars of the Roses over the 15th century. Neither might be correct. Other theories point to both earlier and later dates, but all are obviously related to the changing history of the monarchy in the dim and distant past ☺


    1. So far so good Lynz, at least as far as the writing target anyway. I’m not looking back to see how it reads as I don’t want to start editing until it’s all down. I’ve never tried writing this way before and I’m finding it fascinating. Because I’m not looking back I’m finding the words just flowing at the moment. Doesn’t mean they’re good though 😂

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