Oh wow, just when I was despairing of ever having my beloved Surface Pro 3 working ever again – I decided to search on Google for any hints and tips.  Guess what?  The inability to get the blessed machine up and working is a known problem – with a very simple remedy.

So, I followed the tip and it’s now working 🙂  Now I’m smiling and so pleased that I haven’t lost my little friend.  Yeah, yeah, how sad am I – I KNOW OK!  That’s the problem with such clever technology, when it doesn’t work it’s a nightmare.  I honestly felt as though I’d lost something totally precious – and of course I hadn’t.  It’s only a machine.

If anyone ever has the same issue the tip is to hold the power button down, together with the volume up button (on the left hand side of the machine) for fully 15 seconds then let go.  Leave for 15 seconds and press the ‘on’ switch, just a press mind, not a full on hold down or it won’t work.  I can tell you, I haven’t felt so relieved to see my screen come alive.

Now, breathe and … relax.  Time to eat and watch the TV for the rest of the evening (Strictly and Downton Abbey).


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