I love this quote, and the image.  It puts a smile on my face as it tickles me pink.  Just not sure about the glasses!  Having said that, my years and years of studying and close reading certainly strained my eyesight.  Now I wear glasses, and have done for some years.   I don’t regret reading all the books, papers, journal articles, primary source material, web page articles – how could I when each and every one of them provided me with access to new ways of thinking, challenged some of my deepest assumptions and beliefs and made me want to know more and more about the world we live in,.

Today I realise that I’ll never know more than a tiny fraction about anything, but what I have found and digested has helped to shape my principles and guiding philosophy.  I’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to read widely and deeply, and to be able to spend a number of years following tantalising questions and discovering some of the answers.  I’ll always be grateful that I live in a country which allows me, as a woman, the freedom to be able to do this, and the freedom to be able to think for myself.

How I wish someone would be kind enough to pay me to read …

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