The autumn setting sun, for just an instant highlighting the colours of the leaves – brightening dingy paintwork and pebbledash, washing everything in a golden haze, raising the mundane up toward the sublime.

Then, just like that, it’s gone – too low to spread its light on the far hills or the nearer rooftops – all is shabby and grey once more.

For those few minutes – 10 at most – it is as if the sun is concentrating all its energy and warmth on the earth before it goes to sleep for the night.  It’s quite a beautiful spectacle and I know it won’t last for much longer.  Morning  journeys to work are accompanied by the sun too, at the moment.  The avenues of trees I pass glow like precious metals as their leaves have now taken on their autumn splendour.  They won’t last much longer either – they’re already falling from the trees and carpeting the roads and footpaths underneath.  Whilst the weather stays dry it’s a pleasure to walk through them, listening to the crunch and crackle underfoot, but it is likely to rain towards the end of this week and all those leaves will turn soft and sticky.

Autumn doesn’t seem to last very long at all, and winter is just a heartbeat away, but whilst it’s here it’s truly breath-taking.  One of my favourite times of the year.

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