Do you have a specific writing space – or do you fantasize about having one?  I only ask because I’m curious about what others feel aka their writing habits and their writing space.

I often fantasize about having my own specific writing space, one to which I could disappear when I want to write, where I could be surrounded by my books and notepads, pens, photos, etc., and just write.  Ideally it would have a desk situated just underneath a window – a window with a view.

I don’t have that, I write on the dining room table.  There’s nothing wrong with my writing space except that I have to clear everything away when we need to use the table (not that we do use it that often, just when we have guests or family round for a meal).  A decade ago I had my own study, the room that is now the grandchildren’s bedroom.  I don’t want my study back – I’d far rather have my grandchildren have a room to call their own when they come and stop over.  Besides, I don’t study very much anymore, I write whatever comes into my head.

So why do I hanker after my own space?  I guess it’s because I like to hide myself away to write.  I like to immerse myself in my writing and not care what time it is, how close it is to meal time, when I need to eat.  When my muse speaks I just want to get those words down, and I like the idea of having a specific space in which to do that.  A space for my muse and I to converse.  I talk to myself a lot – discuss plots, characters, story arcs.  I don’t like being overheard as I’m sure it all sounds crazy.  It confuses the hell out of my poor Hubbie!

I came across the tiny shepherd’s hut (above) on Pinterest – it really is very tiny but oh so perfectly formed.  What can I say, I’ve fallen in love with it – though I doubt it would fit into our tiny teeny garden space, and anyway our garden wouldn’t afford such a pretty and inspiring view.

I also came across this image of a built in writing desk with a view – a stunning view at that.  I guess if we just re-arranged the guest bedroom I could have a writing space which overlooks the beautiful park directly opposite our house, and the bay on the other side of the park.  I might just have stumbled across the answer here 🙂

Writing nook


17 thoughts on “What is your ideal writing space?

  1. Good luck with creating your dedicated space 🙂 I don’t have central heating either (well I do, but it’s unuseable, long story) Anyway, I bought one of these a few weeks ago In a small room it doesn’t need to be on much – of course dependent on weather and insulation, if door’s closed etc. It seems more stable on the floor than the oval/rounded upright models (my really cheap one only lasted just beyond it’s 12month guarantee before the motor burnt out) and this one is reasonably quiet – you can always warm the room while doing something else if noise bothers you. I’ve even used it to warm the whole of either upstairs or downstairs so far and the handle doesn’t get hot and it’s not above the element but the opposite side. It warms quicker than my more expensive 3kW (horizontal) fan heater bought last year. If you register it you get an extra two years warranty, so guaranteed for 3 years, which always suggests manufacturer confidence. There are two almost identical models for a few pounds less and maybe cheaper elsewhere. I had an electric oil filled radiator before and they’re quiet but no good unless you sit right next to them. If you’re using a cold room to sit and write don’t forget to wear a hat – it even keeps your hands warm 🙂 (I managed in max temps of 12 to 14 degrees C last winter in the warmest room, the others were cold enough to keep milk fresh for five days so about like a fridge and the hat was essential, even for sleeping! Luckily this year I can afford a bit more electric 🙂 Sorry for huge comment! Please feel free to delete or edit as you please after reading 🙂


  2. You know, when our son moved downstairs to the big bedroom, I turned his room into a library/sitting room/office. I thought it would be exactly what I wanted for writing. To be able to go in there with all my books and shut the world away. Strange thing happened, though. I found I felt too confined. It was okay for writing in my journal or answering letters longhand, but I always ended up out in the living room with my laptop on a tablemate table when I was working on Glencara’s Bane. I think I just couldn’t BREATHE in that room. No breath, no creativity. It certainly didn’t work out the way I thought it would!

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    1. It’s interesting that you should say that . I can seem to write anywhere really, even in an area bustling with people. I just zone out and get into writing mode (or reading – it’s pretty much the same process ). Problem is that I’m too close to hand in the living area of the house. I’m interrupted all the time as my other half is now retired. I suppose I feel that by removing myself physically to another space I might be left to write for a couple of hours in peace 😀


  3. My office is also the laundry room. Needless to say there are plenty of interruptions and loud noises. We (my wife and I) are considering some renovations that might give me a true office/study/writing alcove one day, but until the lotto comes in those dreams are staying in the clouds.

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    1. Still, it’s good to have dreams – mine might involve moving furniture around a bit. Do-able, but it also means finding some way of heating the spare room. Being tough northerners we haven’t succumbed to central heating 😳

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    1. Thank you – now thinking of moving the spare room around. In fact, I might just do that tomorrow – see if it’s likely to work as a multi-use room. It’ll be cold though, no central heating in our house!

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  4. I definitely don’t have a specific space either. When the moment come up where “I need to write this down!” I’m usually not anywhere that I can actually do that. So most of the time, I “write” on a notepad I have on my phone. Then I’ll go home and sit at my computer, between the living and dining rooms, and type it out as i want it to be. My dream space though, would be having a library in my house. Even if it’s an extra room that’s been turned into a library… I love books, and having a tiny writing space within it would be cool too 🙂

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    1. Mm I know that feeling. I cleared all my stuff out a few months ago to make a room for the grandchildren. I’ve not done any teaching for about 4 years now but had held on to masses of papers etc. Now I long for a clear calm space 😐

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      1. Why do we hold on to masses of papers? I’m doing the same thing. I will probably never want to look at them again. And yet, I hold on — perhaps to remind myself of the good work that I did in that other life, and of the beautiful people who were my students (and also some of the awful ones — who taught me much).

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      2. It’s hard to let go isn’t it. The only reason I let go of my accumulated stuff was because I had papers stuffed in every space I could find. It was a very cathartic experience when I let them go. Now, of course, there are toys etc. In all that freed space 😄

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