Today, sat in my office watching the weather closing in over the rooftops opposite, I started to let my mind drift into poetry writing mode.  No, I didn’t write my poem whilst being paid to work, but I did allow the first lines of a poem to drift into my mind.

Looming dark clouds
Threaten to challenge the majesty of the sun
Humans can only look on as a battle plays out before their eyes

For a time the clouds seem to win the battle
The sun limps off and out of sight
Nursing its humiliation

The skies enveloped in a blanket of deepest purple
Anger, malevolent and tangible
As the gods rumble between themselves

Bright forks of power issue from their mouths
Their anger now visible to all
Lashing wind and rain envelop the earth

The battle, furious and violent
The noise, deafening, fearsome and unworldly
As the gods give vent to their fury in the realm of humans

Their temper wanes, their fury spent
These gods return, chastened, to their own world
Leaving the earth battered and drenched in their tears of rage

Then peace seems to reign again
The sun rushes out from its hiding place to take its throne once more
And all is right with the world

The image has been downloaded from Unsplash and attributed to Duncan Maloney


9 thoughts on “Poetry: Dark Clouds Looming Overhead

  1. I just loved the deep purple skies and the lines with the sun limping off ‘to nurse its humiliation’ and later the gods retreating ‘chastened’. Wonderful poem capturing the atmosphere of an approaching then happening and passing storm really well 🙂

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      1. I know you’ll be extremely busy through November and onward with your novel. However if you have any spare time over the next ten months and want to learn some more about poetry, the University of Pennsylvania Modern Poetry mooc I’m doing at the moment is still open for late enrollments. You couldn’t get a certificate this time round as the course is now into week 7 of 10 – but the site and materials stay available until next September and the discussion forums will also still be open. They put out a forum message this week suggesting inviting friends to enrol before mid-November to be able to use the site and maybe have our own small study/discussion groups using the materials & site in those months before next years mooc runs. I think 23rd November is the deadline for sign-ups. This should be the link Material covers only American poetry from Dickinson&Whitman through to current trends. There is a forum space to share your own poetry to if you want to. It’s fascinating stuff and there’s far too much to get in a few weeks. Next April’s University of Iowa How Writers Write Poetry mooc is highly recommended too 🙂

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