Today’s assignment, the last for this course, is to write a sonnet with the subject being ‘pleasure’.  One thing has given me endless and unending pleasure for as long as I can remember, so my sonnet is dedicated to the pleasure of reading a good book.


With my mind I thee worship, with my soul I drink you in
Tickling, teasing, so infinitely pleasing, these words I find within a book
Such exquisite phraseology inviting me within
How could I resist the chance to sit and pick you up

Transported to a different place, with real time standing still
I delve inside without a pause your secrets to discover
You manage to entice me, captivate and delight me, I bend to your will
Willingly, like a virgin to her lover

How many hours will I sit here perched upon this seat
I do not know and I care not, I’m hungry
And words are the only food I wish to eat

So many words, so little time, so many books to read
Such pleasure still awaiting me as I grow old
My mind and my soul will never be in need

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