For the assignment today, we were given as the subject, ‘something which sends a chill down the spine’.

The form:  concrete poetry = a shape,

The device: anaphora/epistrophe.  Anaphora = repetition of the same words, or cluster of words at the beginning of multiple lines of verse.  I did that yesterday (not knowing what the device was called).  I decided to do my own thing again today but using the first two criteria.  Hope you like it.  I wrote it this morning in a Word document.  In that document words forming the hilt of the dagger coloured deep purple, whilst the blade of the dagger is coloured red, to represent the blood.  It didn’t transfer over and I can’t seem to add coloured text.  Annoying.  Please can you just imagine the colours?  Many thanks 🙂


Sharp point
Plunged in Protruding
out, Handle gripped
Anger ripped
Warm blood
Spurting red
Leaching out
Sharp cries
Last breath
Body dead
Cold heart
Cold steel



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