Today we were given the task of writing a poem in the form of a ballad, using ‘neighbourhood’ as the subject and Assonance as the device.  Hmm, done my own thing again.  I love the different tasks we get, and I love being stretched.  Unfortunately my muse doesn’t work in such a structured way and refuses to do as she’s asked!  I can’t get cross with her as she never leaves me without anything to say – although she’s taken it right to the line once or twice!  Today is no different, my muse has spoken, I’ve written it down on paper and now I’m sharing it here.

You can sing this, if you like, to ‘Amazing Grace’ – thank you @benhuberman for the suggestion 🙂

‘Our Lives Writ On Their Leaves’

The trees wear clothes beyond compare
They’ll soon be stripped and bare
The autumn rushes quickly in
To steal away their care

As kids we thrived, our playground vast
No boundaries for us
Creating dens in deep dense woods
Those trees were friends of ours

Now children play so close to home
Wild treasures know they not
For shame, they’ll never know the joy
Of days spent in the copse

Surrounded by protection we,
Secluded, pass our days
Those trees watch o’er every year
Our lives writ on their leaves

This morning bright and early, just before I got into my car to head off to work, I took some images on my phone of the trees which are right outside our home.  There are trees everywhere here, the whole town is surrounded by them (apart from the part that is fronted by the sea).  The leaves are simply stunning – coppers, bronzes, golds, deep reds and brighter yellows.  Could I capture them on camera?  I’m afraid not, though I’ve added one into this post as the subject matter of my poem pertains to the trees which surround me.

8 thoughts on “Writing 210 – Poetry

  1. Oh my, Ruth! THAT is an exquisite example of a ballad and one I totally get having grown up in the woods on the weekends when I was little. And what an awesome idea Ben had to put it to a tune! Would never have thought of that, and it worked SO well. But I don’t see a picture of a tree on here. Is it my Chromebook, or did you not get it to work?


    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I have to admit that having the tune in my head really helped me with the structure and meter of the poem. I’ll be using that trick again, that’s for sure:)
      The image is of a particularly beautifully coloured tree just a few yards up from my house, unfortunately my phone camera couldn’t capture its beauty, nor the sun of yesterday morning. It hasn’t turned out well at all, but it is there. Maybe it’s your chrome book? Not sure but you’re not missing much. I’d hoped to get a better image today but the weather is much more cloudy and drains all the colour from the leaves. Maybe tomorrow – fingers crossed.


  2. Such a beautiful poem, and so wonderfully set to a favorite song of mine!

    Yes, it’s too bad that so many children don’t have what you described so eloquently:
    “As kids we thrived, our playground vast
    No boundaries for us
    Creating dens in deep dense woods
    Those trees were friends of ours.”

    I’m happy to say that I did, near my home in India, when I was very young. My daughter is fortunate, because we have the woods close by, but we don’t let her go alone, whereas my mother allowed us to go off in groups into the forest close by. I wonder now at her boldness and faith in both us, and the people around us!

    (I wrote something about the woods, as well, but from the point of view of my dog. It’s really not much of a ballad — just follows the structure, sort of! I love the woods!)

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