Today’s assignment being to write a limerick I thought Id have a go.  I’m not sure about the imperfect nature part – though maybe I’ve included that accidentally, but I’ve not even attempted the enjambment device – I’d rather use that for free-form prose to be honest.  I prefer free-form poetry which also encompasses something which, I now know, as enjambment.  Don’t want it in a limerick as I think they should be funny.  Not sure mine is too funny but here it is, for good or bad:

Don’t know what I’m having for dinner
No matter, I need to be thinner
With no biscuits to munch
And an apple for lunch
I just may be onto a winner

Image accreditation to – posted by Ali Inay


9 thoughts on “Writing 201: Poetry Day 4

  1. You’ve got the cadence and form just right! I love your subject matter, too… Limericks are by nature light hearted and satirical. I’d just settled down to give it a go… Thanks for the inspiration!

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