Haiku – The Screen

I’ve decided to write a long form Haiku for the first assignment.  It isn’t very long – just four verses:

Blank screen facing me
Endless possibilities
Images in words

Blank screen facing me
Characters wanting to be
Words to be written

Characters take shape
Their world in cyber space grows
Nurturing new creations

The screen now shut down
Characters no longer there
Do they still exist?

17 thoughts on “Writing 201 – Poetry

  1. Nice job with the multiple haiku poem. Am a classmate in Writing 201 — and enjoying reading others’ work. Especially enjoy finding others in the blogging world who are interested in poetry – a real plus in this class!

    Your poem here — like the repetition of “blank screen facing me”…..because that’s how it is, right? Whether it’s a screen or the blank page of a journal, it stares at you and stares at you until you dive in. The repetition really nails that feeling.
    I also like the question at the end……….a bit of humor here as in…..when I close the screen are my words still there? When I close the journal cover do the words dance from page to page, commune with each other and then scramble back the next time they “hear” me coming?

    Really like your piece. Hope to visit again in 201. Stop by sometime if you’re so inclined 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lillian for your comments. I’ve been wanting to write poetry for years – just didn’t have the confidence. Loving these blogging courses as they make you challenge yourself. Am off to visit your site now 🙂

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      1. Yes — I decided on a whim in February to tke an online poetry writing course with Holly Wren Spaulding (google her) and voila! I’ve been writing ever since. My blog title isn’t a fluke — I am indeed a house poet….like the little house mouse 🙂 But I do enjoy my early morning writing time. See you again!

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