Writing 101 has been one wonderful ride – pushing me to try new writing styles, experiment with word length, engage more with the blogging community (still working on that one), and providing me with the confidence to identify the way I want to write.  For all that I am so grateful.

Today, the last day, we are to look towards the future and ask ‘what’s next’?  When I looked at the assignment, at 3.30am, I spent some time musing about where I really do see myself this time next year.  Later on I wrote down in a list the actions I need to take over the next 12 months (yes, for those who follow me, list time again).  The list is as follows:

  • Sign up for Poetry 101 (done)
  • Allow more time to read through other bloggers’ posts.  I spend so much time writing my own that I run out of time to look around at others’ posts.  Those I have managed to pop in on have been fantastic and such an inspiration – I want to find more!
  • Use Daily Prompt or image prompts to write short stories or poetry
  • Work on possibility of extending ‘Observing Murder’ short story into either a series or a longer novel
  • Work on novel currently under planning and use posts for updates re: WIP
  • Use Fridays as a sort of coffee/café blog post to round up the week’s writing work
  • Keep trying different types of writing/new challenges
  • Edit, edit, edit and re-write ‘Observing Murder’ after this weekend (Part 5 will be posted on Sunday)
    • New title
    • Identify gaps
    • Smoother transitions
    • Clearer explanations
    • Find writing programme (can’t seem to open exe set up on my Surface Pro – really annoying)
    • Re-write
    • Re-write
    • Check acceptable length of novellas over short stories
    • Check Kindle Publishing
What do I want or where do I want to be in five years’ time?  Published – on Amazon at least.  One full stand-alone novel and a series of short stories.  I also want to start a series – I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head that I need to get some of them out of it and onto the laptop.
I’m also going to keep a lookout for Writing 201 as I want to stretch myself much further over the coming months.

5 thoughts on “Looking ahead – Writing 101: Day 20

  1. There I just answered my wondering about a part 6, I wasn’t really expecting one after such closure. I shouldn’t read your posts in reverse order, or should travel forward again to leave my comments 🙂 I’ll await your full story publication eventually in stores nation/worldwide to read the whole story 🙂 I don’t know if any of the info at this lady’s writing site is any use to you http://kayedacus.com/ you may have found it already. Well done for all your writing101 achievements Ruth 🙂 I’ll be in touch and back for another good read again quite soon. Very best wishes, Colette 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Colette – you’re partly responsible for my putting my head down every Sunday and getting it all out of my mind and onto the page.
      I managed to download Scrivener and will start to work with it this Friday ☺
      I’m off to follow your link now – thanks so much again x


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