Today I’m pleased to feature a guest post from fellow blogger Gina.   Please do click here to see some more of her lovely blog.

Halloween on Liberty Street…OH, USA.


Sir Night is falling from a cloudless sky…

Mr. Full Moon is rising now, casting coolish beams on the landscape below, making eerie, creepy shadows, especially in the local cemetery!  Ooooo what’s that I see?  A misty apparition rising from the grave…


Lord Wind whistles his arrival, winding in and out and around the houses.  Smoke from burning leaves hangs heavy over the land until Lord Wind whisks it away with one hardy whoosh!.

Damn!  Got smoke in my eyes!  Thanks a lot, Lord Wind!

Well, anyway…Welcome to Halloween on Liberty Street!

Hey, com‘on…Join me on a walk down Liberty Street and I’ll tell who’s who and what’s what…

First of all, this is where Len and I live.  Whadaya think!  Ya like our Cat on Pun’kin and Frankenstein blowups?  Nice for atmosphere, doncha think?  And Len’s got his toys ‘n’  trinkets  in the bowl there, ready for the Halloweeners.


Ayden and his parents live next door.  Ayden’s five years old and he’s one savvy little kid. (He’s the kid in the green costume.) I can count on him to feed my cats when I’m out of town visiting my grandkids.  Ayden’s dad is quite an artist and sculpts crazy, cock-eyed faces on their pun’kins.  I guess he hasn’t put them on the stoop yet, but they’ll be glowin’ brightly very soon.



Let’s cross the street here.  Not much traffic, but there will be when Trick or Treating starts.  Yeah, right here across from Ayden’s house lives Mr. Harrell, Master Pun’kin Carver of Liberty Street.  He started out carving pun’kins for his grandkids, but now enjoys putting on an artsy display for the whole neighborhood.  See the little pun’kins on his porch railing?  Well, Mr. Harrell says he used to sculpt the letters

H-A-P-P-Y   H-A-L-L-O-W-E-E-N

on each little pun’kin, but not now.  Now he just paints the letters. This way he has more time to sculpt intricate pictures like the Spartan head (It’s the school mascot!.)  and the witch stirring her brew.  He also sculpts the faces of his grandkids on pun’kins!

Good stuff, huh!


And now…drum roll here…a visit to Zombie Land, home of slashers, hackers and mutants,  just a few houses down the street from Mr. Harrell’s.  You gotta really be into blood and guts and weird zombie culture to appreciate this slice of  Halloween . Me?  Not so much, but Len and I did stop by for a mug of witch’s brew at the Skeleton Café.


Let’s cross the street here and take a quick gander in the city cemetery.  Hey, over there, friend!  It’s a sheet!  It’s a curtain!  OMG it’s a spooky spirit rising from the dead!


Imagine that!

Well, it’s almost show time. Let’s go!  Gotta get back to my house and…

 Let the Halloween-ing begin!!

Thank you so much Gina for letting us see a little slice of Liberty Street Halloween partying.  We don’t do anywhere near so much here in England.  At least not where I live – it may be different elsewhere!


4 thoughts on “Guest Post for Writing 101 Day 19

    1. You’re very welcome – loved your images and the excitement which came through in your writing. Hope you got my piece, I emailed it to you very late I’m afraid. The time difference tripped me up there 😮


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