This morning 24.09.15 – 08.00:    Having got up at 06.45, showered, dressed, and made my breakfast (muesli with fruit and yoghurt), I do what I always do first thing in the morning, checked my emails.  Writing 101:  The task today is to re-create a single day – the thought which immediately hit me was ‘which day’?  A day in the past, or today?  The thing is, I already know what happened in the past, whilst I don’t yet have a clue what will take place as this new day opens up so, today it will be.

09.15:   Arrived at work, having driven in from around 12 miles away, and arrived at the office before anyone else – decent parking space for me then!  The first thing I do, once I’ve got into the office, is switch on my laptop and check the emails – see above, I’m far too predictable.  This morning there are only a few, most of which can be deleted as they’re unimportant, but there is one which is particularly important and I read it first.  I, and the rest of my colleagues will be starting our new roles with the County Council next week.  We are undergoing a TUPE situation and are to be absorbed into another organisation and become their employees.  We have few details, as yet, but this email gives us some useful information about our induction meeting next week (Thursday).  It outlines where the induction will be held, the time it starts and finishes and, most importantly for me, the fact that no lunch will be provided.  Note to self here:  make sure to pack lunch.  The email informs us that we’ll all have our photo’s taken and that’s it.  Further details expected in the weekend post.

It’s a strange time for us all, but it’s exciting at the same time.  We can’t see into the future but at least we’ll be a part of it, for now at least.

10.00:  Sees me frantically printing out training packs for a colleague – it will take more than one day to print out, staple and file into packs for the participants – and I won’t be here when they actually do their courses.  I need to get it all finished before next Tuesday, as that’s the day the photocopier will be collected – bright and early at 9am.  I’m not the only one needing access to the photocopier and, just to add more stress to the situation, our internet service keeps dropping out so we can’t send the work to the photocopier to print.  Nevertheless, we’re all feeling a lot happier than we’ve been feeling lately – change is in the air, new possibilities, new opportunities.

12.00:  We decide to go to a local Italian Restaurant for lunch.  We usually eat sandwiches or soup whilst carrying on working – not good I know but that’s generally what we do.  Lunch is lovely – lots of laughter, great company and good food.  I had pizza – I don’t eat pizza usually, unless I’m in Italy – this one was superb.

13.30:   Back in the office feeling rather bloated.  This week has passed by very quickly – as they tend to do when there’s a deadline.  We have to have the office fully cleared by next Tuesday afternoon, so we’re all busy sorting out papers, files, resources, all sorts really.   Looking around me all I can see is utter chaos with stuff piled everywhere.  There’s office furniture to dispose of – at least what isn’t wanted.  I’m trying not to get too worried about the amount of stuff to clear.  I’ve been pushing for a while for a mini skip, but I’ve been over-ruled.  Today my manager asked if it was too late for us to hire one – he’s suddenly realised the enormity of clearing an office of absolutely everything.  I’d already cleared my previous office just before Christmas, when I moved to be with the rest of the team.  That was hard work and took weeks as it was mainly me doing it by myself whilst still needing to work in a fully functioning office which was being dismantled by the day.

17.00:   At home now, having a lovely cup of tea and writing the last part of my post down.  It’s been a busy day, but also an enjoyable one, and I now have the whole weekend until Monday before I have to go in for the last week.  On Saturday some of the team (including myself) are going round to a colleague’s for a meal, which will be a great way to end our association with this current organisation.

I’m now about to change into my PJs before our evening meal – yes, I’m feeling like I need to chill out – a bottle of wine with the meal would be good too.

20.00:   Typing up my post.  Reading through, it isn’t very exciting, just another working day, but I’ll remember it for the amount of laughter generated during a difficult period which has, quite honestly, provided very little to smile about.

This post has turned into more of a journal entry which, had I given it much thought when I started it, I would have realised would be the case.  It’s also been an interesting experience as I now have this particular day immortalised in the blogosphere where I can access it whenever I want to.  I’ve never kept a diary as I’ve never thought my life interesting enough to bother writing down the things that happen on a daily basis.  I still don’t, though perhaps keeping a weekly journal might be a useful idea.  Then again, I think I use this blog to do just that!


4 thoughts on “Every Day is Unique …..

    1. Hi Gina,
      A TUPE is a situation whereby one organisation has had no option but to lose most of it’s staff, in my case because a major funder opted to keep the funding in house and organise the work from there. It’s a form of protection, the staff are not made redundant but are transferred to the organisation that have decided not to release the funding for the specific work. They don’t have the existing staff to be able to do the work so we are all simply being transferred across. We don’t have any option, as staff, as if we said ‘no’ we would be making ourselves voluntarily unemployed, so no redundancy.
      The new organisation generally restructures after a few months and then invites everyone to re-apply for their jobs. There’s nothing to say that, having reapplied, the job would automatically be given to, say, myself. So it’s a bit up in the air, but still I’m looking forward to it.


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