‘Ouch’ wailed Isaac as he slipped to the ground, his quills, ink and parchments scattered around his feet, ‘that blessed apple hurt me’.  He looked for the offending item, found it, and then proceeded to take a bite feeling very pleased with himself that he’d at least manage to have some lunch as he’d forgotten to take any with him.  Isaac had just closed his mouth to be able to chew his prize when ‘Oi, wha’d’ya think you’re doing’? shouted a tiny, tinny voice right in front him.

Startled, Isaac opened his eyes and almost died of fright.  There, right in front of him, rising out of the apple with his tiny fists shaking, was a worm.  Yes, a worm.  Talking nay shouting – sort of – he was a worm after all.  ‘My pardon sir’, said Isaac – he still had his manners even though he’d been felled by an apple and shouted at by a worm – ‘but do you realise to whom you are shouting?  And what, pray, is a worm doing being able to talk’?

‘Never mind me talking mate, what ya gonna do about my apple, that’s sheer vandalism that is, not to mention theft – taking another’s property -yeh, theft, that’s wot it is’, responded the worm sweating profusely in sheer fright as he’d almost had his head bitten off.

‘Theft, yeah, you tell him mate’, came another little voice off to the left.  A voice, moreover, that appeared to be emanating from a mouse hiding behind another apple.

‘My apologies Mr Worm, I think I must be in shock.  I was watching the apple fall from the tree you see, and wondering what it was that propelled it down to the ground, instead of up towards the sky or sideways’.  ‘Why that’s easy Mr Bigshot Dandy Pants’, responded the worm ‘it’s gravity and the laws of motion, that’s what it is – really you humans know nothing, gravity makes things fall to the ground – or on yer bonce in your case mate’!

Of course, no self-respecting man of science could admit that he’d owed his brilliant eureka moment to a worm, so Isaac invented his famous story to reflect his self-perceived extreme cleverness – and history is written by the successful as we all know, which is why all school children are told Isaac Newton’s story.  But you can be sure that the worm world knows the truth of the matter.

The moral of this story is – the worm is a very clever chappie/chapess, and don’t ever forget it.

This short story has, once again, been prompted by Shafali’s brilliant cue art as above.

Does anyone else think that Shafali’s version of Isaac Newton looks very similar to Brian May from Queen?

15 thoughts on “Short Story – Isaac Newton and the Apple a revised ‘history’

  1. Well done Ruth for your amusing tale 🙂 I was also very much reminded of Brian May by Shafali’s drawing and I think that had me stumped last weekend. I completely lost track of the days this week and completely forgot the creativity carnival this week. I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday evening so I really should’ve remembered! Never mind, I’ll maybe catch up with a late entry at some point. enjoyed your take on the prompt 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved your take on the cue-art….just love it 🙂 Creative minds sometimes work in similar ways. Here’s the link to my original post on Newton’s Apple (I did this post in October 2013, two years ago.)( http://wp.me/pJgyP-WM ) You and I both saw the same concept in this drawing…and it’s so nice to know that this could happen – similar perceptions leading to similar understanding. Thanks so much for writing this – your story is a lot funnier and you’ve also included the mouse in the affairs of the apple.
    I am now off to research Brian May from Queen 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m truly stunned Shafali – I’ve just clicked your link to the post and read through it. How amazing, but then your drawing is so expressive and the elements within it had my muse working her little heart out.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – and I promise you that I hadn’t seen your original post – my spine tingled when I read it!
      I’ve never tried writing anything that was deliberately humorous but it popped straight into my head as I was wrapped up in towels after a shower. I had to sprint to the kitchen to grasp my notebook and pen and scribble it down before I lost it 😀.
      I’ve no talent for drawing or painting, sketching, anything like that, and I envy you the talent you have to both draw and write.


  3. Ruth, I love it! I do agree with you about the art! And I love Shafali’s art! This story is so charming! I envy anyone who can write fiction. I’m a high school English and writing teacher. Do you mind if I share this story with my classes when we do some fiction assignments since I cannot lead by example on that unit?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It is well deserved, and thank you for allowing me to share! It will be some time before we get to that unit, but I’ll let you know how it goes. I have avoided the fiction unit in the past because I’m so bad at it, but my experiences here blogging have inspired me!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Lynz – I wrote it this morning before work. I’d just got out of the shower when, zonk, my muse hit me with this post. I had to run to the kitchen to grab my notebook and pen to get it written down 😅

      Liked by 1 person

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