Today’s Blogging 201 assignment is all about creating a blogging event on one’s own site.  I had a good think about it, followed up the links given on the write up and thought about it again.  I  already take part in a blogging event which runs weekly, and I am currently working on my own short story and novel.  I also try to post something at least every work day evening, which helps keep me in the writing mode.  The questions is:  have I got time to create and host a blogging event?

The answer, just at present, is ‘no I don’t.  Let me explain why.  By the end of next week I will be working for a new employer with new routines etc. to learn, and new people to get to meet and know.  I’ve also agreed to a Halloween writing collaboration with another blogger and I’m looking forward to this.  These, with the commitments to my writing schedule at the moment, mean I don’t/won’t have any spare time to think up, create and run a blogging event within the set time-frame.  I’ll just have to put this assignment on hold for now and pick it up again sometime in the next few months – maybe before Christmas so perhaps seasonally inspired?  If anyone may be interested in this then please do let me know and I’ll definitely get my thinking hat on!

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