Writing 101:  Assignment 12

Three ghostly figures
Dressed in diaphanous white
Tear apart my heart

I’ve come across quite a lot of short form poetry labelled ‘Haiku’ recently whilst looking around at others’ blogs.  I’d never been introduced to this form of writing before, and I find it intriguing, so I thought I’d take a shot at it myself.  I realise that, traditionally, it should be about nature but I found that this image, which I came across on Pinterest a few days ago, led me to want to write about it in this short form style of poetry.

For those of you, like myself, who have never come across it before, Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry which uses words sparingly to create something akin to a veneration of the subject when it is written really well.  The poem is written over three lines and comprises just five, seven and five syllables.

I found the first two lines came easily enough but the third, oh my, the crossings out and re-working – you should see my notebook.

The assignment for Writing 101 today, being about composing something at the opposite end of my usual word length for a post, is what actually prompted the Haiku.  I’m quite happy writing over 1000 words and wanted to try something shorter, 50 words or 100 words was what I was thinking earlier today.  Tonight, sitting down at my computer I realised that I needed to try a much shorter piece – hence the Haiku.

Of course I’ve spoilt it by writing all this blurb afterwards – ah well!

Now, having written it, I can feel a much longer piece of writing forming itself in my head.  It will have to wait though, I’ve got my short story to finish and my novel to begin.  I guess I’ll just have to make a note of my thoughts and come back to it.

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