Writing 101:  Assignment 11

Today’s assignment has made me think about what I do when I’m not writing.  The task was to answer up to three questions:

  1. What do you do when you’re not writing?
  2. How do you re-set and return refreshed?
  3. What do you need in your day-to-day life to maintain balance?

Hmmm, when I’m not writing I’m thinking about writing, or I’m reading.  It’s all this blog’s fault, really it is.  I used to spend all my time thinking about writing when I wasn’t working, now I spend a lot of my working time (being paid that is), thinking about what I’m going to write about when I go home, and then writing about it.  Today, I was walking alongside a river opposite my office, having forgotten to take any lunch with me and needing to buy a sandwich, and I saw something floating – or rather not floating because it was stuck – in the water.  My fevered brain (still got a raging cold) started to imagine how a corpse might look floating along the river.  That’s a bit yucky isn’t it?  But it didn’t put me off my sandwich – nothing much puts me off food.  The point is I never stop thinking about writing, but now I’m actually doing some specific writing every day and I feel a bit twitchy when I’m not scribbling something down.  I’m not ready to write about floating corpses yet though.

The second question is irrelevant at the moment.  My muse is working overtime and it’s all I can do to keep up with her (I assume it’s a ‘her’ and not a ‘him’.  I’m scribbling down ideas, saving writing prompts, saving images on Pinterest all for when my muse has had enough and taken herself off on her own holiday.  Then I’ll turn to the prompts for inspiration.

Balance – what exactly is balance?  If it’s a sense of contentment and peace, well I have that.  If it’s more to do with the time allocated to different tasks, some take up more than they should and others don’t take up as much as they should (housework being one of the latter type tasks).  I think I’d rather have contentment and peace than allocated slots to do things in.  I love reading, if I’m not doing anything else then I’ll read – which probably takes up a good two to three hours a day.  I rarely watch television, though there are a few things on during the year that I’ll put a good book down for.  That doesn’t happen very often though.

I don’t feel that writing is a chore, I’ve waited for a long time for the muse to work her magic on me.  I’m at her beck and call for as long as she wants to call the tune.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. Thank you – and yes, it is nice to finally have her around. I’ll check out Raymond Carter’s collection and thanks for the heads up 😀
    I seem to see stories in just about anything at the moment.
    Loved your post – they’re always so soothing to read.


  2. What a happy-making post!

    (I’m glad you’re not ready to write about floating corpses yet, though! Have you checked out Raymond Carver’s short stories in the collection titled, “Where I’m Calling From”? In it, there is an entire story based on a floating corpse of a young girl that some men find, and the subsequent uneasiness that one of the men feels when his wife finds out about it. Very beautiful writing, full of ambiguities and ambivalent feelings on the part of the main characters.)

    And oh yes, my muse is a “she,” as well! I love your conclusion — how nice to be at her beck and call!


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