In answer to where I write:


I’m not too fussy where I actually write, as long as I have a comfortable chair and table in front of me.  I tend to use my dining table or kitchen table to post my blogs as I usually post in the evenings after work and our evening meal.  However, I also like to pick up my notebook and pen and write wherever and whenever the urge ‘hits’ me.  For me, there is a difference between drafting my writing (which can be anywhere and using any writing medium that is close to hand – a scrap of paper, the back of my diary or even the back of a receipt (that last being a bit of a problem as I usually throw unwanted receipts out.  I wonder how many little ‘gems’ have hit the bin without me noticing), and actually getting the finished piece typed up (and, possibly, posted to my blog).

The tools I need around me are, obviously a writing implement, paper (of some sort or another), and my Surface which I can carry around with me as it’s so light and fits into my bag.  I also seem to use images, either my own or something I’ve come across which I feel I can use as a prompt.

The main thing is that I need to lose myself in my writing – it really doesn’t matter where I am.  I drafted this piece in a Costa Coffee shop in the back of my diary, ready to write up and post to my blog when I got back home.  I suppose what I really need is to feel comfortable in my surroundings.  Then, just as when I read, everything seems to fade into the background and I can concentrate on what it is I am trying to say.

I’m not sure that I want or need to create a poll to suggest what I write, I seem to have found the groove I feel happy in, so I haven’t attempted to create a form for one, but I would welcome feedback on my scribblings – and thanks to all of you who have already done so, it’s very helpful and I have had some great ideas suggested to me.

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