The Joy of Maps

For me life is a map, or series of maps, so maps are a metaphor for life’s journey.

We constantly plan where we would like to be, physically, emotionally,  financially,  and in our careers.  We have memory maps – one memory leading us to another and so on.

The act of writing requires mapping out the story line, the chapters, the geography, the relationships between the characters, and the way the project will be tackled.

That leads on to project management – how we divide each specific task onto separate chunks to make sense of the whole, and to keep control of the overall project.  Gannt charts are just another form of map – providing the ability to separate each task into timed chunks.

My favourite maps though are a set of medieval  and later maps of my local town,  Kendal.   These show the development of the town over a period of a couple of hundred years – the centre of the town today is easily identify able as it hasn’t changed much over time.

This is a short post as I’m writing it on my phone – and it’s driving me crazy 😨


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