The List Making Urge

Today’s assignment is to write a list about whatever you like really.  I’ve chosen to write three lists, ‘Things I Like’, ‘What I’ve Learned’ and ‘Some Things on my Wish List’.  I’ve limited each to 10 because otherwise I wouldn’t stop.  I’m a list making obsessive – lists exist all over my house, on top of my desk and in my desk drawers at work, in my diaries (yes I have two at the moment), on my iPad (why oh why do Apple provide a list making app – it just makes me write out even more lists).  Most of my lists are, it has to be said, ‘To Do’ lists.  They are helpful, honest they are, but most days I head the morning list with such mundane items as ‘shower, make breakfast, tidy up ….’ – do I really need a list for those everyday tasks?  NO OF COURSE I DON’T – told you I’m an obsessive list maker 🙂

Today I decided to do my assignment sitting outside a café in the glorious sunshine drinking a café latte – the sun always helps doesn’t it?

20150908_150053_resizedThought I’d add a couple of images so you can see how peaceful and restful the garden area was.  There’s another one at the end of my lists 🙂

Things I Like (in no particular order):

  1. Writing (especially outdoors)
  2. Wine – preferably Rioja (red or white)
  3. My kindle (my Precious)
  4. Reading
  5. Good food (a bit too much according to my waistline)
  6. Clever gadgets (meaning they have to be useful to me in my life)
  7. Honesty/kindness/humour (yes, that’s three – but they all have to be there in people I like)
  8. Trying something different
  9. Italy – Florence especially
  10. My bed (not sure this one shouldn’t be further up the list – but then I did say it wasn’t in any particular order)

What I’ve Learned:

  1. I can do anything if I really set my mind to it
  2. Perfection is an illusion – a destructive one
  3. There are many different interpretations of the truth – as long as I’m true to my own inner guiding philosophy, I can’t/won’t make the mistake of lying to myself or to others
  4. I shape my own destiny
  5. To be myself
  6. There is more to learn than I can possibly know
  7. ‘Me’ time is important
  8. A smile, a kind word, can build bridges anywhere
  9. I am so much stronger than I thought I ever could be
  10. Happiness comes from within – not from external objects

Some Things on my Wish List:

  1. A shepherd’s hut in my garden to write in (oooh |I know what I said in No.10 above but …..)
  2. Failing that a ‘she’ shed (don’t have space for the above anyway)
  3. A dog – to help me walk of the extra pounds – see (Things I Like No.5 above)
  4. That my eyes don’t fail me (I can’t bear the thought of not being able to read)
  5. That I were 10 years younger – but then I wouldn’t have two lovely grandsons so perhaps not
  6. That those elected by us to govern this country on our behalf actually realise that they are our representatives and serve us, rather than think they are somehow far more important than the rest of us – they are not
  7. Greater tolerance towards each other whatever our race, colour, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation – bigotry is blind and destructive
  8. A magic wand I could wave whenever I have to do the cleaning, ironing, washing – whatever.
  9. Failing the above then ovens that could be replaced every year & the same with loos
  10. Failing both the above then enough spare income to be able to employ someone to do them for me (all of the last three are simply never going to happen I know – actually I think the only one on this list which will probably happen is No.3 and I really, really, hope No.4)


I take a notebook everywhere with me now – though I’ve found that the jottings I write down are often changed before they hit my blog 🙂

13 thoughts on “Writing 101 Day 2

  1. There are many different interpretations of the truth – as long as I’m true to my own inner guiding philosophy, I can’t/won’t make the mistake of lying to myself or to others

    There is more to learn than I can possibly know

    A smile, a kind word, can build bridges anywhere

    Love all three of those in particular. Good job!


  2. I have two dogs if you need one to borrow. I use that app myself all the time. I love that app on the iPhone. I make lists of people I have to call during the day with it. I say, hire someone to clean for you. Makes your day better. Do it at least twice a year to deep clean your house. I plan to. I recently got sick and then realized I do need someone to come in once in a great while to help me. When you get that wand working let me know I want one. Does is also pick up furniture to clean under?


    1. ROFL – the trouble with obsessive list making is that it takes more time than actually doing the tasks 😂. I try to kid myself that I’m super-organised and love ticking off the tasks as they’re done, but I always seem to leave the task that I least want to do till last – then I run out of time and it ends up on the next day’s task list. And the next day it starts all over again ……….. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. At least you are still able to tick off a task 🙂 I’m so lazy with listing and even if I do, I might still end up not doing or even tick off the task on my list, especially task at home. I’m surprised that I am still able to accomplish anything. 🙂


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