Now I know I’m not nuts


I’m so glad I found this today – I’ve been thinking I’m going slightly round the bend!   Plot lines, new characters, the village they all live in, even the colours of their clothes and what their houses are furnished with – all of these voices and ideas are running around in my head.  Yikes – I’m so glad I’ve got a couple of weeks free now when I can write to my heart’s content.  Ahem, that is when I’ve finished clearing out the unwanted clutter in the kitchen, reclaimed the worktops, made a start (and hopefully finished) the same for the living room and ……..

Oh yes, procrastination – I’m very good at that!  However, the local charity shop is doing well out of the kitchen clearance so far – and that makes me feel as though it’s a job with a purpose rather than that other ‘p’ word at the beginning of this paragraph.   I’ve promised myself that this weekend I’m going to spend one whole day working on my novel – which means thinking about it, drawing up chapter plans and plots, talking to some more of my characters and putting what they tell me down on paper (or, more likely, on this blog), and generally working on my village map as some of the photographs I took last weekend will work really well as outlines for some of the cottages in my imaginary village.  I’m also planning, over the next couple of weeks, to do quite a bit of research for background use.

Now, tomorrow I plan a trip to a local coffee shop with my laptop – they serve the best cinnamon lattés  I’ve ever had, and it’s well within walking distance – I know, how great is that 🙂  I aim to spend a couple of hours or so drinking cinnamon latte – no, scotch that, writing, writing, writing!!  Of course, the cinnamon lattés will help the process I’m sure (oh, and carrot cake maybe) – but the main reason is so that I can people watch whilst looking otherwise distracted with whatever’s on my computer screen – cunning what?  Some poor unsuspecting souls may find their way into my novel – or at least parts of their conversations with any luck.



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