Family Gathering

This weekend we travelled from our home in the English Lake District to the Blackwater Estuary in Essex. It’s a fairly long journey though we didn’t encounter any traffic problems until we reached our destination, Chelmsford.
That town was a nightmare to drive through  – taking us well over an hour in solid traffic.  There’s something seriously wrong with our road network when the last four miles of one’s 300 mile or so journey takes up one fifth of the total travel time !
However, the journey notwithstanding, it was a brilliant weekend.  We had travelled down to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary  – my hubby’s sister and brother in law’s.

Because it’s such a long way to travel we’d decided to make a full weekend of it and had a great time walking round Colchester and Maldon (famous for its salt).


The image is of Colchester castle – I have better ones on my camera but have not downloaded them yet. Obviously the round structure isn’t original  – it would have had straight square towers, one at each corner.  There was evidence of a small Saxon church in front of the castle – just the outline and a few rows of stones to show its outline.
Behind the castle we came across a number of stalls selling new age trinkets, mystic bits and bobs, and an old gypsy caravan.  I took a photo of the caravan but, again, it’s still on my camera.  I would love one in my garden where I could just hide myself away and write 🙂


The image above is of the Red Lion public house in Colchester – a building with beautiful Tudor carvings underneath the upper windows.
I love walking round this town as it has some amazing little lanes/streets which are a pleasure to amble along.  One of the most charming things about Colchester (apart from its Roman history), is the way so many periods of its past are still represented in its buildings.


I also took some photos of cottages in Maldon – thought some of the cottages there (such as the one above), might make an appearance in my novel, or perhaps a short story or two.
Wandering round Maldon it’s so easy to imagine how the town must have looked a couple of hundred years ago – and imagine the conversations, clothing, shops and every day goings on.


This is just another lovely cottage in Maldon, tucked away behind the church on a lane called Church Walk.   Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to walk the lane to see where it led – but maybe next time.
One of the most important things about family gatherings is the chance to catch up with people you may not have seen for ages.  Some years ago a couple I knew from my own town moved away to start a new life with their family elsewhere.  Some years later my sister in law told me that a couple she had met started talking about their old home and mentioned shops and places she recognised. She asked them if they knew us and was amazed to be told that they did.  We met them yesterday for the first time in years at the 50th wedding  anniversary ‘do’.
We’re home now, feeling exhausted but so glad that we were there to join in the celebrations.  Happy days and happy people ☺

2 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. The round towers are only a couple of hundred years old. The castle is 12th century so would have had square towers, and an extra level, originally.
    There are the ruins of a 12th century priory near to the castle, photos on camera, whose round pillars had me transfixed – they were seriously huge! I’ll post pics when I’ve transferred them over.

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