Not quite awake

Hmm, not sure what happened but, after I’d finished work today I simply had to go to bed (working from home, luckily).  I don’t know why but I felt really woozy.  I’m beginning to think that it’s a ploy by my inner muse to make me take some time out and think about my characters.  I tend to dream rather vividly these days – sometimes waking myself up because my dream has turned into a nightmare.  But, on the other hand, some of my dreams are really helpful as I wake up with new ideas, new characters, new visions …. that’s the only way I can put it.

One of my dreams (not today) was of the village which is central to my story – it landed ‘plop’ into my head and, yesterday, I drew up a map before I lost some of the detail.  Now my map making skills are, to put it kindly, not brilliant but I was pleased with what I managed to turn out.

I would share it, really I would, but I’d be embarrassed to do that as I created it using a drawing programme on my Surface so that I could save it and keep it, but I found I couldn’t write properly on the screen using the attached magic pen!  So, whilst I’m pretty happy with the map, the legend looks like a two year old wrote it.

Now, today’s dream involved the Mannersby residence.  I already have the floor plan (it belonged to a house my grandparents owned way back in the 1940s and which my grandfather had drawn up).  I’m changing it a little to add a couple of small additions and, of course, I know exactly what it looks like.  However, whilst I have been inside it (once, at the age of 14), I can barely remember the details – which is a good thing as it allows me to do whatever I want with it.  I’ve been trawling for ideas on Pinterest (great for story board ideas), and have found some great images to stoke my imagination. Some of those images have gained life in my mind and planted themselves in position in the house.  So, my dream involved walking through the house again but, this time, with some of the rooms already fully clothed and ready for its fictional inhabitants.

For a number of years I’ve been wanting to use this lovely house in my writing, mainly because it meant so much to my mother who spent six very happy years living there.  I’m moving it, of course, far away from where it physically resides, and situating it at the head of a village instead of quite a way outside it.

If I hadn’t slept after work I’d be working on that now (it’s not the first time I’ve dreamt about the house), but instead I’m preparing a very late evening meal and writing my thoughts down as I wait for it to cook!

Another idea, one which I read on another blogger’s site, is to create a story board with prompts.  For me this would comprise mainly of images .  Note to self:  I need plenty of colour cartridges ready!  My grandsons’ room (once my study) will, I suspect, be taken over with piles of plans, images, drafts, prompts and more.

I suppose I’d better sign off now as there are some very lovely aromas coming from the kitchen which means that the meal is almost cooked 🙂

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