Treasured Memories

This week’s Wednesday Writings has, again, been inspired by one of Shafali’s drawings.  This week it’s a Mystery Chest, though it’s inspired me to open up the memory chest in my mind and delve in to see what treasures I could find there.  Too many to write about, as it happens, so I’ve had to shorten it, edit it and keep it to my childhood years – so long ago now that I often forget the simple joys that being a child brought.

creativity-carnival-blogging-event-for-bloggers-the-mystery-treasure-chest-pen-and-ink-artPlease do pop over to Shafali’s blog to have a look at her beautiful artwork.

Making daisy chains on a warm bright day
Sitting down at my grandmother’s feet
The grass, spread around me like a sumptuous quilt
Studded with thousands of tiny flowers, so neat

Camping in the rain, one large tent for five
Poking the canvas till the water seeps through
Mum’s angry and shouting, Dad’s mildly annoyed
Our bedding’s all wet now – all our fault, we knew

Swimming each summer in the open air lido
We’d take packed lunches and stay there all day
Skin shaded nut-brown, we were healthy and happy
It’s all boarded up now – lonely, desolate and grey

Long walks in the winter in waterproof boots
It was freezing not raining, our toes frozen stiff
Mugs of steaming hot chocolate to warm us all up
Warm baths before bedtime – goodnight, cuddle, kiss

And then it’s Christmas – the excitement, the fun
Making streamers, crimping gift tags for weeks
Christmas cake, minced pies – grannie did these
While our mum made the rest of the feast


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writings

  1. Beautiful memories. It’s amazing to see how the same image evokes different sentiments in each one of us. You took us on a trip down your memory lane. Thanks 🙂


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