Monday Musings

Creating characters


I seem to have so many characters in my mind right now, all vying to be the most important and, therefore, first to be committed to paper.  They want to scream their names out loud – not just to me in my head – it’s a cacophony of sound in there!  I have a farmer’s wife called Irene demanding to be created on the page, whilst her husband, Wilf, sits quietly in the background puffing away at the pipe in his mouth.  ‘At least’, he seems to be saying, ‘it isn’t me she’s shouting at’.   Then there’s Hugo, Evelyn’s husband, a lovely bloke whose head is full of practical ideas to improve the economic life of the village, but he’s feeling thwarted because people don’t take him very seriously and, even worse, I haven’t given him his voice yet!   Then there’s Jack Seacombe who, at least, has had a mention but he feels like some bit part in a movie who’s had not much more than a walk on part so far.  I’ve tried to tell him to be patient, but he feels he’s missing out on all the gossip if he isn’t actually being written about.  There, he now has a smile on his face – and he’s read that bit about Hugo so he’s got something to think about and mull over 🙂untitled

Dear lord, they’re like film stars in there.  I’ve no idea how directors etc., manage their cast.  Perhaps I’ll suggest they all go to the pub and have a couple of drinks on me – that should do it!

Wow, now why didn’t I think of that sooner, it was like an alarm had gone off the way they all just disappeared.  Hmm, a couple of strays left, including the barmaid Jennie.  That’s no good, she’ll have to get back to work or there’ll be mutiny and I’ll end up with a thumper of a headache.  Aha, and I can see that Jim’s still there too, looks as though he’s bending the ear of Charlie Travers, the odd job man.  Now I’ve no idea what he wants from Charlie, and I think I should – being the ringmaster so to speak, so I’m going to have to sidle up slowly and try to find out what it is they’re discussing between themselves.