Mature Writings …

Reaching a certain age …

Today I’ve had to admit to myself something that I’ve been putting off accepting.

I set off with the best of intentions this morning.  I had a work plan that I was going to follow, starting with a bracing walk in the pouring rain just after 7am.  That was fine, except that I walked rather too fast for my little legs – the friend I was walking with has longer legs, and thus a longer stride than mine!  I struggled, womanfully, to keep up but I managed.

Once home though my leg muscles let me know they weren’t best pleased with me.  I ignored their moaning, made the breakfast, a batch of bread dough, and then, just to rub salt in the wounds, I did the ironing.  My back had joined my calf muscles by this time – moan, moan.  Did I take any notice?  Well of course not – I’m a woman – we can do anything and everything, right?

‘Wrong’, said my back and proceeded to start the lock down process.  It goes something like this:  first there is a slight ache, then a sharp stabbing pain.  At this point I KNOW I should stop whatever I’m doing and rest for half an hour or so flat out on the floor.  It works, always, so why don’t I just give in and go with it.  Oh no, I’m a woman 😤

Then I get the Hoover out and go all round the house with it.  By this point I’m feeling rather sick and the pain in my back is getting worse.  So, finally I give in, crawl up to bed and sleep for a couple of hours.

Guess what?  Yep, you’re right – pain all gone!

So back to normal then.  Oh yes, the hot flushes that have me boiling alive, water pouring down my back, off my chin, down my neck, and elsewhere that I simply cannot mention in polite company.  My  better half is sitting there eating his evening meal (which he had cooked – very delicious), cool as a cucumber in a light summer-weight fleece while I’m in a very light t shirt feeling something like a lobster must feel when it’s in the pan!  I’m certainly as red.

So, I’m now admitting that I’ve reached that certain age – yes it’s out there in cyberspace now, so no retracting it.