I’m shattered!

I’ve just been trying, for the past hour and a half, to print out some documents I need for tomorrow.  For some reason the printer refuses to recognise the new black cartridge and everything is turning out blank.  Even worse, for the first half an hour or so I couldn’t even connect to the printer.  I think it was because my computer had updated a couple of days ago – since then everything has been slightly haywire.  None of my passwords seemed to work and I’ve had to reset them all – nightmare – and my logon password for the computer had magically changed!  Worst nightmare I’ve had for a while I think.  Luckily I realised it wasn’t asking for my logon as it used to, but my Microsoft logon – go figure!

Anyway, today I’ve been sitting in on the web site building course I had booked myself onto.  It’s quite amazing how many women in my area are setting up, or already have, their own small businesses and want to grow them through electronic media.  The range of businesses is quite astounding – ranging from therapy, dog sitting and marshmallow making to holiday cottages, wood and steel working and much more.  A wide range of interests and a wide range of interesting women from very different backgrounds – and all of us past our first flush of youth, some of us by quite some way!!  The song ‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’ runs round in my head quite often these days 🙂

We were given lots of information and plenty of structured practical work to do – now I just need to put it all into practice on my business site.  We have all been given a time-table of five weeks (or slightly longer if needed) to create the website we really want to have, which means lots of research, thinking and planning, but I’m now buzzing with all the ideas that have come my way.  Just need to identify the time to allocate to this new project.

I can’t wait to get it all up and running properly as I haven’t done anything with it for a couple of months now – it has all seemed so daunting before.  Creating this blog and doing the Blogging 101 course has really helped me to identify where my business site needs to be and also, to some extent, what I would like it to look like once I have put it all together.  The course today has really helped with that.  On Saturday I registered for the Blogging 201 course as I enjoyed the first one so much.  I’ve also registered for the Writing 101 course – I’m a glutton for punishment!

Tomorrow I’m planning to get back to my novel again to produce something for Wednesday Writings.  Sometimes I think I could sit at this computer all day and just write, unfortunately I can’t as I have to work!

I have also been asked to share some of what I’ve learned today here on my blog.  Right now I can’t think straight anymore but, once I’ve had time to work through it all in an organised way, I will certainly share what I’ve picked up with everyone as it really was so useful – it just seems like a total mass of information right now though and I need to mull it over for a couple of days and make sense of it all.  Then I’ll create a plan of action and share the outline with you all 🙂

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