Thursday Thoughts

The Bequest

This morning I thought I’d have a look at recent posts to see if I could find something inspirational to write about quickly.  This is not something I’ve ever really done before and I was curious to see how I would feel about it.

One blogger I follow has posted a weekly event called Creativity Carnival where the inspiration is a drawing she has created and posted.  I’ve copied the drawing below – she’s very talented :-).  Please click on the link to take a look at her site.

creativity-carnival-blogging-event-for-bloggers-pocket-watch-pen-and-ink1Louis stood looking down at his grandfather’s coffin.  Tears were pricking at the corner of his eyes as he muttered his last goodbye and threw in his symbolic handful of dirt.  ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust …..’ rumbled on the minister in that heavy, tuneless way that ministers do.  Louis wasn’t listening, he was thinking of the last time he had seen his grandfather, the last words he, Louis, had angrily shouted at him and the look of hurt on his beloved grandfather’s face.  Even as Louis had slammed the front door on the way out of the house he had longed to go back and tell his grandfather that he was sorry, that he hadn’t meant what he’d said, that he loved him and always would.  But he hadn’t gone back.

Too late now.  That chance had slipped him by.  His anger had clouded his mind and his pride had refused to yield.   If only he could have that time again, to go back and right the wrong he had done, the hurt he had caused.  Regret sits in the heart forever, whilst anger is quickly forgotten.

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