Wednesday Writings

Introducing Evelyn

A few paragraphs to introduce one of the main characters in my proposed novel.  I’m playing around with dialogue, character building and background.  Please don’t read it as anywhere near finished as it very definitely is not.

Elegant 1920s


Evelyn Manners, aged 26,  and 5′ 6″ tall with dark bobbed hair, straightened her already very straight pearls, checked her brooch was aligned in the perfect position, and set her hat ‘just so’ on her head.  She twirled round in front of her dressing room mirror, pleased with the deep rich, almost midnight blue ensemble she was wearing.  It certainly set off her slim figure, and she knew it.  ‘Well Mary’, she said, turning to her maid, ‘I think I’m ready – what do you think?  Perhaps another string of pearls’?

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