A Family Outing

With Jacob at Cannon Farm 2015Yesterday we spent a fantastic day at Cannon Hall Farm, near Barnsley in Yorkshire.

Two weekends visiting and enjoying days out with my grandchildren – how wonderful it is to be able to do this.  I never thought I would get so much joy from having grandchildren, I’ve always felt far too young (I think I’m 36 – and I’m staying at that age no matter what!)

However, their arrival – 9 months apart – has opened up a whole new world to me.  One where I can luxuriate in the simple pleasures of watching children grow up and develop their own personalities, dislikes, likes, characteristics – and know that I will always be able to enjoy the pleasures without the pain which comes from being a parent.  You know the ones – like when your daughter brings home someone totally unsuitable and you fret and worry until they finally see the light (that was me by the way – it was my parents who had the worry for years).  Or  when they pass their driving test and they’re free to travel wherever they like – without anyone with them!!

I dare say being a grandparent will bring its own worries – but right now I’m revelling in the simple joy it brings.

We took a picnic with us yesterday.  After last weekend (on our visit to the youngest grandson’s),  when we queued up for almost an hour at a food outlet in the Cotswolds, I decided ‘NEVER AGAIN’ and suggested the picnic option to my daughter.  Hence there was an absolute feast provided between us all.

Picnic at Cannon Farm Aug 2015It turned out to be a lovely warm and sunny day, which was rather a relief as it was pouring down when we left out home at 7.30am!  I love eating al fresco – not something we get to do too often in the Lake District 😦

The venue had very thoughtfully provided very large picnic tables with plenty of seating attached (8 seats at each table – plenty of room to spread out).  A very lovely large field to run around in and a museum with a Downton Abbey costume exhibition.  Some of the costumes worn in the drama are on display here – my lord are those actresses skinny – my daughter and I looked at one of the evening dresses and both remarked that it would never fit us – we two being so short and everything!!  (Not being skinny has absolutely nothing to do with whether it would fit or not – honest).

The image is of myself and Hubbie digging in to our picnic.  We’d packed up all our food in a large electric cool box, cooled overnight and plugged into the car battery in the morning.   I guess something must have been not quite right though as, today, I’ve not been too well – feeling very queasy and went to bed this afternoon.  I’m blaming it on the prawn salad – well I have to blame it on something!

All in all, yesterday was a real treat, and I hope we have many more to come.


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