The Month Ahead …..

Thanks to a lovely idea found here I’m thinking about what the month ahead is going to bring.  Firstly a day out with my eldest grandson, his mum and dad, at a family farm attraction in Yorkshire – activities include ferret racing (anyone?), tractor rides, sheep racing (bizarre), adventure playground (for kids of all ages – I hope), a milking parlour and much more.  That should keep the young ‘un busy for a few hours whilst us adults gaze on lovingly (and, hopefully get a go on the tube maze or something ….).Taking a picnic for this – so the weather had better be good!

Later on in the month we are going to a 50th wedding anniversary do – my Hubbie’s lovely sister and brother-in-law are having a large family celebration which we’re really looking forward to.  It’s not often that we all get together as the families are spread out all over the place.  To be able to catch up with (almost) everyone is a real treat.

This month is also earmarked as ‘creation month’ for me, whereby I’ll be creating brochures, and outlines etc., for my (potential) students to be handed out at a local college during their annual Freshers’ Fair early in September.  I’ll also be working on my novel and (probably) posting a few trial paragraphs on this blog.

My latest local advert has just been published and I’m thinking of other ways to advertise myself – a couple of magnetic car signs and a banner for the Fresher’s Fair are just two ideas going through my mind at the moment.

I dare say this month will go past in the blink of an eye – it’s bound to as I only have two months left to work with the organisation I am currently with, then I get TUPEd over to the County Council along with my work colleagues.  This is part of the reason I wanted to set up my own venture although, I have to be honest, this venture is something I really want to do.

So, it’s all change really – and I’m looking forward to it.  I see it all as an opportunity, not something to be worried about, and that can only be good.

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