So very interesting and so thought provoking – I had to reblog this – it’s whirled around my head all night …


Frankfurt – as does the whole of Germany – carries a heavy historical load. There were 26.000 Jews living in Frankfurt in 1933, the second largest Jewish population in Germany, playing leading rolls in the financial, cultural and scientific worlds of Frankfurt. Hitler’s National Socialists wreaked havoc on their lives from the start of the Nazi dictatorship in 1933 up to 1945. In the first six years Jews were totally undermined economically and forbidden to partake in public life, be it at the university, the hospitals or in politics. Many fled to other European countries, the USA or Israel. Kristallnacht on 9/10 November 1938 heralded the sharp increase of violence with the destruction and burning of Jewish property and synagogues. Deportations to concentration camps intensified substantially upto a total of at least 12.000 people. In 1945 there were 160 Jews left in Frankfurt. Nowadays there is once again a thriving…

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