Each Wednesday I’ll be posting a piece of creative writing – this Wednesday I’ve tried poetry – for the first time in many many years ………..


How do I know that I really exist
I think, I feel, I taste, I see
But how do I know all this is real
And not another’s fantasy

Brains in vats – I’ve done all that
Philosophy undergrad stuff
The question’s deeper than that, I know
It twists me up in knots

‘I think, therefore I am’ he said
Descartes’ famous words
But I think too, I know I do
Why then do I question it so

My thoughts are mine and mine alone
My voice is in my head
You hear the words I want to say
But much is left unsaid

Do you hear my voice? I think you do
But how am I to know
I may be dreaming all my days
And life is something else

My truth is true to me but yours
May differ from my view
The question is ‘am I alive’
And are you truly you?


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