OOOH I’m feeling frustrated.  Our internet has been running like a sleeping tortoise for the past three days now and, today, it just wasn’t going to wake up at all.  I’m currently piggybacking on our next door neighbour’s broadband (with their consent of course).

It’s like the old saying goes, you don’t know what you’ve got ’till you lose it.  We’re all so reliant on this invisible link to the outside world which keeps us connected in so many ways.  Facebook, email, ordering online, checking out the news at any time, researching, even blogging – you name it I do it and when I can’t access the web I feel lost and unconnected (which I am, of course).

I’m old enough to remember when no-one had mobile phones, and I mean no-one.  The internet wasn’t a word in anyone’s vocabulary that I ever knew.  The thought of just typing out anything on a screen was something you saw on Star Trek, and to be able to talk to anyone and see them at the same time on a screen – well that was akin to magic!  Now don’t get me wrong, I love clever technology.  I love that I’m able to tap away and connect to   anyone, anywhere.  I love that I can take a photograph and share it through Twitter, Facebook, email and website/blog.  I also love that I can take it all with me wherever I go so that I’m always available – EXCEPT WHEN I’M AT HOME IN THE HOUSE (yes, that is a scream).

Ok – rant over.  Time to have a calming cup of tea and calm down.  A good cuppa can sort almost everything out.  Now, if I just pour it over my wireless router ……….

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