Tomorrow is my Friday as I only work four days a week (that is – I only do paid work four days a week).  I’m really looking forward to the weekend as the eldest grandson and his parents are coming to stay over on Saturday night.  This means, of course, cleaning, preparing the rooms, ensuring we have plenty of wine in and all the other bits and bobs you end up doing because someone is coming to stay.  I will, though, try and get my daughter to teach me how to create pivot tables.  Do I really need to know how?  Who knows (I may never need to know how but life has a funny habit of creeping up and biting you on the bum sometimes). 

I am sat here, typing away, whilst being surrounded by travel brochures – all of them with fantastic looking destinations in them.  Hmm, so much to see and so little time to see it all in.  I would love to walk around Amsterdam, Bruges, Prague, see the Northern Lights for real – not just on a TV screen.  I love walking around old buildings, monasteries, cathedrals, old houses, even shops (especially if they also sell books – total heaven).  Which reminds me, a couple of years ago, on our way back from visiting our youngest grandson and his parents, we stopped off at Stokesay Castle to have a look round.  This is such a beautiful looking castle, no longer lived in but cared for and in good order.  It was easy to imagine how it must have been furnished all those centuries ago (Built in the late 13th century as a fortified manor house).  I thought I’d share some photos with you:

Stokesey 2 Stokesey 3stokeseyThese were taken on a beautiful, but cold day not quite two years ago.  We were lucky as there were few people around that day, far too cold for walking around a draughty castle really.  But what a superb place it is.   Stokesay is just a few miles north of Ludlow – and just past the superb Ludlow Food Centre, which we try to visit whenever we are anywhere near Ludlow.  I love their tomato sauce – out of this world – and the meat is fantastic.  I know this isn’t much use for anyone outside of Britain (unless you’re planning to visit the Welsh borders), but thought I’d mention it anyway.

Looking at the images I have come to the conclusion that I need to find another theme – one which enables images to be placed exactly where you want them, has a side bar showing and also a footer for the extra bits and bobs that don’t look right anywhere else.  This means more playing around on WordPress – yay.  Roll on the weekend!!

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