Well, the one day when I know I can lie in, I decided to get up early and go for a long walk!  Hmm, typical.  The weather wasn’t so good, but it was reasonably warm and didn’t look as though it was going to rain on me, so I switched on my ‘steps’ app on my mobile and set off (I’m trying to lose a bit of weight as I can’t get all my lovely summer dresses to fasten up).

I can’t believe how many people are out so early on a Sunday morning walking their dogs.  It’s three years since we lost our last dog, and I know I took her out at all hours during the week – but Sunday?  Lie in day!

On the way I took this photo of one of my favourite houses – it’s a lodge house at the bottom of the drive of, what was once, a large gentleman’s residence.  The large house is no longer there but the lodge is lovely.


It’s the red door that does it for me.  That, and the way it’s nestled into the large trees behind it.  I can’t imagine that there’s much room inside it, though there is an add on to the right of it.  However, it’s in a lovely position overlooking a very large duckpond!

When I got back home, about 90 minutes later, my lovely Hubbie had made bacon and avocado sandwiches – does nothing for the waistline but wow, do they taste scrummy.

My walk, though, had galvanised me into action and I decided I had to tackle the rather huge pile of ironing I’d been putting off for weeks.  This must sound pretty bad but, in my defence, I really hate ironing!!  Anyway, I got through it all (overwhelmingly the Hubbie’s trousers, polo shirts, rugby tops etc.), and felt great again.

Next stop, meringue – small ordinary white ones which we could have with clotted cream and my home-made strawberry jam.  They don’t go well with a diet either – I’m sure you will have spotted the flaw in my make up by now.  Love food, not that keen on exercise, but do love walking – preferably with a dog which we don’t presently have.  Why is it that I love to try making things that are really not helpful when you’re on a diet?  I made a loaf of bread yesterday – one of my favourite ways to unwind, after reading.  It tastes so much better than shop bought but still ……

Oh, and now I’m helping my Hubbie to drink a lovely bottle of white rioja – there truly is no hope for my lovely summer dresses this year – I hope it rains for the rest of the summer 😉

So, for the rest of the afternoon, what else do I have planned?  My favourite way to unwind – reading.  Love my Kindle – I  can carry a whole library around with me wherever I go – magic.

Hope your Sunday is going well wherever you are.



6 thoughts on “Sunday ramblings

  1. Hi Ruth – change your settings so your subscribers only get 50 words from your post, not the whole thing. That way, you’ll bring more people to your site instead of reading your post in their email. Hope this little suggestion helps, Rioja woman! Love that wine, too. Colleen from Canada.


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