Saturday is the usual main shop day for me.  Today has been no different.  The mission, at the outset of our weekly shop, is to write out a shopping list and stick to it. …. Yeh right!  It goes something like this – ‘well yeh, I know it’s not on the list but look at the price’,  look at price, think ‘and when are we going to use this/which meal is it to go with/I’m not sure I even want to eat THAT’, get talked into it as, well, it REALLY is a bargain!  Sound familiar?

Next on the agenda is a lovely iced caramel macchiato (because why not?), and anyway it’s heavenly.

Once home, put the shopping away, moaning silently about the lack of space in our under-counter fridge, before getting bits out of it for lunch.  FaceTime my son and catch up with my youngest grandson – only two and a half but knows my voice already (I love technology), then make a loaf of bread – my favourite soul soothing hobby.  It tastes great too!

Sounds pretty humdrum doesn’t it – but I love Saturdays.  I get a bit of a lie in, a leisurely breakfast, shower, leisurely shop and the afternoon to chill out!  Can’t beat it.

This afternoon I’ve been thinking through the outline plot of a novel I’ve had running through my head for some time.  I think I’m almost ready to start committing words to my hard drive – and I’ll be trialing small pieces on this blog – it’s a scary thought, baring my soul in public, but that’s another reason I decided to write a blog.  I wanted to hone up my personal writing style – find my writing muse – allow my mind to travel where it will – and pour it all out on a public forum where anyone can comment.   So, having declared all this in public, I can’t now back out 🙀

It’s very strange how liberating it is to write a blog.  I hadn’t realised before I started.  If I had I would have started one years ago, and it makes me wonder how many people feel the same way.

Anyway, enough of the musings for now.  My bread dough is almost ready to be baked, and I can’t wait for the first warm slice of newly baked bread slathered with slightly salted butter and good runny honey 😋


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