Hi all,

I thought I’d share a little of my favourite things with you today.  The first being my favourite era – the 1920s.  No idea why it should speak to me the way it does, but I find the fashion, architecture, art deco etc., so comforting and elegant.  Now, I know that not everyone was fortunate enough to live with so much elegance and finery around them – I know how much poverty there was, how gruelling life was and how difficult it was keep a family clothed, shod, fed and housed.   I spent seven years of my life (MA & Ph.D) immersing myself in the awfulness that the late 1800s and early 1900s brought to the ordinary family.  However, I still love the brightness and the fleeting wonderfulness of the 1920s – the hedonistic bright young things, the thought of large house parties, Hercules Poirot and The Great Gatsby.  I guess you could call me shallow – but I’m really not.

Below is one of my favourite Pins

I’m planning a novel around this time period so am avidly collecting interesting images, novels and anything I can get hold of to build up my story board.

I also love traveling – as do most people I would imagine.  Last year we visited Mykonos for a day and were lucky enough to arrive early in the morning before it was over run with visitors (I know – we were visitors too, but you know what I mean).  The image below was of a beautiful building overlooking the most tranquil square – tranquil at 9am anyway, it certainly wasn’t later!

Hubbie and I plan to go back someday – so much to see and nowhere near enough time to see all the places, sights, wonders, people that we would love to experience.

Hope the images turn out ok as it’s the first time I’ve pinned anything on my blog.



3 thoughts on “On some of my favourite past-times

  1. I’m a fervent twenties person and can completely agree with you. I’ve been reading biographies by or about people living at the time for years – especially Paris, Berlin and London


    1. Hi Tasha, thank you for taking the time to read my post, and for your lovely comment.
      I love the medieval period too, especially the high status architecture – I could spend days walking round castle ruins and gothic cathedrals/monasteries.



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