Today I’ve taken the plunge to have my new business venture advertised in the local press.  No turning back now – I’ve committed myself to spending the spondoolies.  I’d been asked to provide a short summary of who who I am and what I’m doing – no problem, I can write for ever, so I did, only to be told it had to be no more than 150 words (on with my editing hat).  That done I emailed it off last night and received an email straight back to say that it looked great and would I be free to go and have my photo taken sometime today.  I’m not photogenic – I’d far rather be on the other side of the camera – but the man with the cam did a great job I have to say.  I’ve missed the latest editions of both papers so will have to wait until the next one to see how my advert and editorial do.

Ah well, after the excitement of this morning, it’s back to the paid work for the afternoon.

Why is it that when someone passes a task on it’s because they have no idea how to do it, how they want it to look, nor what the task entails?  Do they not realise that mind reading doesn’t come naturally to most people?  Thank goodness I’m pretty good at analysing information and sorting it into useable data.  Whether it will be in the format the person concerned wanted it is quite another matter – I wasn’t given any details about that 😡


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