I thought a few few words about who I am and what I’m about may be useful here.  Not having been blogging long I’ve decided to try Blogging 101 – think that tells you that I’m a novice at this.  Ironic really as I spend a lot of my time working with others teaching them how to work with new technology!

So, here goes:  I’ve recently started to think about what I do for a living, and what I’d like to do – the two are very different though, in some ways, use many of the same skill sets.  I work for a charity which has always had, as its guiding philosophy, the aim of helping young people to become confident well adjusted adults.  For a number of years I used to teach at a university and found that 1st year students were arriving without many of the basic skills that they needed to be able to cope well during their first important year.  I realised that this omission is a gap I can fill, and an area I would love to work in.  So, I’ve taken the plunge and have set myself up in business.  It’s a big jump and I don’t expect it to take off anywhere near immediately, so I’m carrying on working for the charity too.

One of my main aims, in writing this blog, is to talk through my ideas in an arena where I may just connect with other people who are taking that leap to set up their own business, or who have already done it.  I NEED inspiration on how to sell my idea folks!

I’m also starting to write my first novel – although it’s not the first attempt at starting one I have to admit.  I think it’s something to do with the thought of total strangers reading my words/ideas and finding them wanting – the old confidence thing.  Hopefully, writing this bog will help with that too 🙂


One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Hello from a fellow writer. I wrote a Guide to Finding Something to Write About. In it I mention writing books/novels. I also did a what I have learned so far in blogging that might help you with blogging if you need help with that. Good luck and Happy Writing!

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