So, today I had a lovely chat in the offices of our local newspaper about taking out an advertisement for my fledgling business.  It turns out that there is a sister paper which I can advertise in too and I was asked if I would be interested in doing an editorial with photo – well, of course I said yes!

I love local businesses/enterprises – so friendly and willing to go the extra mile.  Now I just need to email them some info about who I am and what I’m doing/can offer and we can get that ball rolling.  Great advertising potential there.

On my own learning front – I can now make fabulous meringues as well as great bread, still not sure about gears on a cycle though – I mean, who invented the need to run through two sets of gears simultaneously, why can’t there be just two – one for hills and one for flat.  Life’s just too short to have to figure all this out whilst trying to stay upright on a little metal frame with only two wheels.  ….  Oh, alright, I know that little kids have no problem with the concept – but I don’t bounce when I fall down anymore!

Ah yes, forgot about the crumpets.  They didn’t turn out so great- perhaps sour dough crumpets are not the way to use up extra starter.  I’ll have to come up with another plan.

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